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The Mystery of the Three Clocks (G)

post written by Esther Filbrun

The Mystery of the Three Clocks by Moody Science ClassicsTitle: The Mystery of the Three Clocks (G)
Moody Science Classics
Major Themes: Science, Insects, Locusts, Chemicals
A fascinating study by the Moody Institute of Science into three “clocks” found in nature and the will of man.

As a church group, we watch a video almost every Sunday afternoon. Sometimes it’s Bible teaching, other times it’s Bible stories for the children, and at other times we’ll watch a science video—usually from Creation Ministries. A couple Sundays ago, Dad was wanting something fairly short but still really good. I remembered several DVDs Mom got about six months ago in a used curriculum swap, and suggested we watch one of them. I knew we had enjoyed their electric eel video, and these sounded very good as well. We weren’t disappointed! They packed a lot of information into just 29 minutes!

First the narrator starts with our internal clocks, and explains how they work—making sure everything happens at the right time. After describing how wonderfully our internal clocks work, he goes on to animals, and how faithfully they can remember and perform tasks. From there, he shows how the seventeen-year locust does an incredible job at keeping track of time, and doing its thing at the same time as everyone else. Then he goes on to another—even more complex, and more predictable time-keeping thing in nature! You have to watch the video to find out what it is.

After showing the three clocks, a similarity between science and the Bible is shared. The three clocks all work at particular times, but they end up with three different results. God has given us the ability to make our own decisions, but even though we can make our own decisions, we cannot control the results of those choices.

Although this is an older film made in 1955, The Mystery of the Three Clocks is a fascinating, well taught science movie. I loved how down-to-earth the teacher was, and yet how well he presented his topics in an interesting way. Great for accompaniment to any science study, or a Sunday afternoon movie, or simply enjoyed as a good, short, informative Christian film.

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Appropriate Ages:

Ages 10 – 12,  12 – 15, 15 and Above, Adults, Family Friendly


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Chemicals, Insects, Locusts, Science

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