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Pamela’s Prayer (G)

post written by Esther Filbrun

Pamela's Prayer (G)Title: Pamela’s Prayer (G)
Dave Christiano
Major Themes: Purity, Courtship
After her mother dies, Pamela’s father must raise his daughter alone. As she gets older, will she be able to see the wisdom in his views about purity before it is too late?

Pamela’s Prayer is a convicting film! Several years ago, my cousins introduced me to the story, and I was struck with the simple power of a life lived for Christ. My parents had a hands-off courtship, so while the standard of purity shared through this film is unusual, I have been exposed to it before. However, it’s both refreshing and encouraging to see it working out in someone else’s life, and knowing that this is a true story made it even better.

When Pamela’s mother dies shortly after giving birth, Wayne, her father, has the challenge to raise his baby daughter alone. He makes a commitment to pray with her every night, and does his best to instruct Pamela in the ways of the Lord. He also raises her with a high standard of purity before marriage—he doesn’t even want her to kiss a man before her wedding day! As Pamela gets older, however, she struggles to understand why her dad wants her to live up to his values. With her friends and peers questioning the wisdom in following his guidelines, and some even taunting her for following his guidance, can she decide what the right path is—before she does something she’ll regret later?

I really like Pamela’s Prayer. It’s definitely an older movie, but it shares some very important values. Even if you don’t agree with those values, I believe this is a must-watch—it is an encouraging, beautiful example of the relationships that can be formed between parents and children, shares the importance of following the guidance of older (generally wiser) people, and overall shows how one person’s relationship with God can influence and bless many other people. In all, this is a great film, one that all families would do well to watch and consider.

One quick warning: Mom told me, after watching this film for the first time, that I had neglected to warn her that she might cry while watching it. Dad seemed to be of the same sentiment, and neither of them are prone to tears! Friends of ours said they had the same reaction. You might do well to have a box of tissues handy!

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