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Patterns of Evidence: Exodus (G*)

post written by Esther Filbrun

Patterns of Evidence: ExodusTitle: Patterns of Evidence: Exodus (G*)
Timothy P. Mahoney
Major Themes: Archaeology, History
Is there evidence for the Biblical Exodus? If there is, where is it? Mahoney was determined to find out—and what he discovered was astounding.

What a fascinating film! Patterns of Evidence: Exodus was recommended to us by a close friend, so several Sunday afternoons recently we spent time watching it. It was well worth our time! Mom and I have been doing an ancient history study together lately, and we’re currently going through Unwrapping the Pharaohs. We watched this video not long before starting our book club, so comparing the evidence contained in each has been very informative and intriguing.

Filmmaker Timothy P. Mahoney wants to know the truth—did the Exodus, as detailed in the Bible, actually happen—or is it the figment of someone’s imagination? He embarks on a twelve-year journey of exploration, talking to top historians and archaeologists from around the world, as he tries to uncover the truth. He travels to Egypt, to Israel and the historic sites there that are mentioned in the Bible, and to England as he tries to track down the truth. Many people tell him there’s no evidence whatsoever for the Exodus in the traditional timeline. But there are a few that have a different opinion, some that even claim the traditional dating is off by several hundred years! Who is right? If there is evidence, is it dated to the wrong era?

Patterns of Evidence: Exodus is a journey of discovery, presented in a fascinating way. There are quite a few interviews, but the way it is laid out runs smoothly and you don’t lose interest very fast. Even some children will find it interesting. This definitely makes a case for why the Bible is true, but laid out in such a way that you feel like you’re making the discoveries yourself. In all, this is a remarkable film about a little-known facet of Ancient Egyptian and Ancient Israelite history, one that I highly recommend if you’re interested in this time period. Probably best understood by those 12 and over.

*This movie is not officially rated, but I feel this rating is appropriate.

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