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Precious: Handle With Care by Rachael Lofgren

Precious: Handle With Care

post written by Emma Filbrun
Precious: Handle With Care by Rachael Lofgren

Title: Precious: Handle With Care
Author: Rachael Lofgren
Major Themes: Adoption, Babies, Miscarriage
Synopsis: When the unthinkable happened and an innocent baby was left severely handicapped, was there anyone who would be willing to care for her?

My toddler loves Precious: Handle With Care. She can’t read a word of it, and there are no pictures inside—but there is a baby on the cover! That’s all that matters to my baby-loving little girl. I appreciated the book, too, but for much more than the cover picture. There is so much encouragement inside this book.

Priska and Asherwaud were eagerly anticipating the birth of their first baby. The Nepali couple, living in New York City, were deeply in love with each other and the baby, and couldn’t wait for her to make her appearance. And then, one night, tragedy struck the little family and things were never the same again. All three of them suffered deeply, and the baby girl was left barely alive.

Meanwhile, Paul and Annette, in Idaho, longed for another baby. After losing several unborn babies, and having two living children, they wanted another, and were willing to take on a baby with severe disabilities. They immediately fell in love with little Katia when they saw her, and she became a part of their family.

I got a lot out of this book. Annette’s journey through miscarriages strikes very close home, and I found myself crying with her at the loss of her precious babies. Her faith is very encouraging. The family’s journey with Katia is very encouraging, too. I really appreciated the quotes from Annette’s journals and online updates. I have never had anything to do with handicapped children, so it was really good to get a glimpse into the life and needs of a family with these challenges. I highly recommend Precious: Handle With Care to anyone who loves children and enjoys reading about families and adoption.

WARNING: If miscarriage and the death of babies is too much a trigger, avoid this book.

Age levels:

Reading Independently—Adults

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Amazon: Paperback | Audio CD
Other Places: Christian Light Publications—Paperback  |  TGS International—PaperbackAudio CD (unabridged)

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