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Preparing to be a Help Meet

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Preparing to be a Help Meet by Debi PearlTitle: Preparing to be a Help Meet
Debi Pearl
Major Themes: Courtship, Godly Living, Marriage, Singlehood
A fascinating, highly applicable book designed to help single young women be the best at what God has called them to do.

Preparing to be a Help Meet came out a few years ago, and I know I’ve wanted to read it ever since I first heard about it. About three years ago, Mom got it for me and I found the book to be fascinating. There are a lot of interesting and helpful thoughts in here, and lots of stories to illustrate different points (both positive and negative examples). Just recently, I’ve read through it again, and found it just as good if not better than the first time!

Through Mike and Debi Pearl’s ministry, they have been able to touch a lot of lives. They clearly have a heart to see happy, Godly families—and this strongly came through this book. Debi encourages young women to learn now to be who they want  to be in marriage, and gives practical tips for things we can be doing now to make our time profitable—instead of just waiting for prince charming to arrive.

The book starts with Mike and Debi’s love story—how at age thirteen, Debi got a word from the Lord that this young new pastor that was preaching at the youth group would be her future husband. As things so happened, when she got older, she and Mike worked together in the ministry. However, he didn’t see any more in her than a work partner—couldn’t even seem to see the fact that she had grown up since they first met, was a woman, and was of marriageable age!

Through the years of waiting, Debi was often encouraged by her mom to pray for him. This, she believes, is a cornerstone to the relationships we girls are eventually going to have. She provides specific pointers for how to pray for the guys around us—young men, older men, fathers, pastors, etc in a very relatable context. (For the end of their love story, you’ll have to read the book.)

After the topic of prayer is considered, she talks about God’s will and direction. Then comes a study designed to help us better understand men’s personalities—and, ultimately, our own—since we “wo-men” were taken from man according to Genesis. There are many other interesting and important topics covered, too.

In summary, Preparing to be a Help Meet is a great handbook for young women, one that I fully intend to re-read occasionally. This is a very practical book, giving applicable lessons and examples through the many stories. While it isn’t written to entertain, it offers a lot of insight that we all need to be reminded of frequently. Best of all, this book directs us back to our Maker—the One who first thought of relationships, and Who calls us to honor Him in every aspect of our lives.

No warnings!

Age Levels:

Reading Independently—Ages 12 – 15, 15 and Above, Adults


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Courtship, Godly Living, Marriage, Singlehood

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