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Princess Cut (PG)

Princess Cut (PG)

post written by Esther Filbrun

Princess Cut (PG)

Title: Princess Cut (PG)
Producer: Paul Munger
Major Themes: Faith, Romance
Synopsis: After her boyfriend breaks up with her, Grace must figure out what it truly means to love someone—and whether she can trust God in the romance department or not.

Mom does reviews for a homeschooling review team at times, and recently one of the options was a movie called Princess Cut. Although I struggled to totally enjoy the last movie we got through that system (Trust Fund), she and I both thought this one could be a good one—so we requested it. And I was very impressed!

The main theme of the film is a girl wanting to get married, but finding the wrong men until she gives up and decides to let God handle that aspect of her relationships. As a young woman, I found the main character very relatable. I haven’t been in the same kind of situation she was in, but the struggle was very real, and I felt like she typified a lot of girls these days.

One of the main themes of this film was trust: Could she trust the guys she knew? Could she trust her parents to give her sound wisdom? And, most importantly, could she trust God to give her what she really needed? These are really big questions, and I don’t think they can easily be answered one way or another. However, I appreciated how they were handled here. Eventually, the guys she knew did manifest their true colors—and she was able to discern what was right or wrong. Her parents, although not pushy, did give her solid advice, and she was able to really grow as a result. And in the end, God did give her what she wanted—but He also gave her a greater appreciation of His work in her life in the process.

One of the biggest things I appreciated about this movie was the emphasis on filling our time with profitable things while we aren’t as busy as we may be later. It’s something I’ve often thought about, and tried to do myself—find ways to bless others in the extra time I have now, or perhaps learn something that I can benefit from later. Whether doctrinal topic or something on the more practical side of life, I want my time now to be used for something worthwhile. Learning as much as we can in the time we’ve been given is a blessing, and even though that wasn’t shown a whole lot in this movie, it did come through several times and I enjoyed seeing that.

In all, I enjoyed being able to watch Princess Cut. Compared to other movies I have watched over the last while, it definitely wasn’t as deep as some, but it did have a good message and I appreciated the fact that it was very clean (kisses and such-like, if mentioned, were all off-screen). Some of the scenes were absolutely hilarious, too, whether from the fact that I have young brothers myself and can really relate to them, or just because Grace’s little brother’s attempts to be helpful were…less than beneficial most of the time! The family relationships in this story were beautiful to see, too—not always functioning perfectly, but there was definitely a good healthy connection, which was lovely to see. This is a great movie for all teenage girls, especially, although others may be able to find nuggets of truth in it, too. Suitable for watching as a family (although the boys may groan about the romance in it a little!).

We requested a review copy of this movie, and this is my honest opinion of it.

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