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Randy by Sharon SrockTitle: Randy
Author: Sharon Srock
Series: Sisters by Design, Volume 2
Synopsis: Six weeks before her wedding, Randy’s fiance Eli suddenly finds himself raising his infant granddaughter—but Randy knows she can’t be trusted around small children.

Ever since I discovered Sharon Srock’s books (and I dare you to say her name correctly, fast!) last year, I have been enjoying them. This one did have a bit too much kissing for me, but I really enjoyed watching Randy’s mindset change.

Miranda, at age 38, has avoided marriage because she knew she could not possibly be a mother. The scars from her painful childhood were so deep that she was terrified that if she would even be near a young child, she would find herself repeating her mother’s horrific behavior. Finally, however, now that she thought she was too old to have children, she met a widower, Eli, and realized she had found her true love—the one who would complete her.

And then, six weeks before the wedding, Eli was suddenly saddled with his infant granddaughter—and his daughter was gone with no plans of returning and hardly any way to trace her. To Miranda (Randy), this was the end. There was no way she could marry Eli now, not with a baby in the equation. Was there any way to change her mind? Was it at all possible that she could become a mother—or was she right, that she was genetically predisposed to abuse children?

Randy’s struggles to rise above her past are all too real. You’ll be wondering, almost all the way through the book, if she will be able to work through the issues from childhood, or if they will continue to hold her back. I appreciated the sound advice given her by her friends.

The part of this book I did not appreciate was the emphasis on physical attraction. Eli was constantly being attracted to Randy’s body, and she dressed in such a way that she accentuated her physical charms. The two were committed to not becoming intimate until after marriage, but they were constantly being tempted by the other. To me, this smacks of lust, which Christians, according to the Bible, are to avoid. I don’t believe it’s a solid foundation to build a marriage on.

WARNING: See last paragraph.

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