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Seventeen-Ounce Miracle

post written by Emma Filbrun

Seventeen-Ounce Miracle by Rachael LofgrenTitle: Seventeen-Ounce Miracle
Author: Rachael Lofgren
Major Themes: Babies, Prematurity
Synopsis: Baby Angelika was born at 22 weeks, and fought for her life.

I’m thankful to never have had personal experience with a premature baby, but I have several friends who have had them. I’ve also recently been following the story of the grandbaby of some friends of ours, who was born at 24 weeks. I am amazed that these babies can live!

Seventeen-Ounce Miracle tells Galen and Esther Lenacher’s story. After several miscarriages, they were the happy parents of two little girls and looking forward to the birth of another precious daughter. Then, when Esther went into labor at 22 weeks, they knew they faced another hard loss. However, baby Angelika was born alive, and she fought to stay alive. The journey of faith that God took the family on over the next six months was incredibly hard. As Angelika’s health swung up and down, they found themselves calling their church’s prayer line over and over again. And God answered prayers over and over again.

As you read this incredible, true story, you will be inspired to trust God more yourself. The series of miracles God performed in this tiny baby’s life are awe-inspiring.

No warnings!

Age Levels:

Reading Independently—Adults


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Babies, Prematurity

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