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Some Kind of Crazy

post written by Emma Filbrun

Title: Some Kind of Crazy
Author: Terry Wardle
Major Themes: Terry Wardle, Abuse, Autobiography, Christian Non-fiction, Christian Living
Synopsis: After enduring major trauma as a child, Terry Wardle can testify to God’s healing power as an older man.

Because I enjoy memoirs, I chose Some Kind of Crazy when I saw it available for review. I really had not much of an idea what it was about, but thought it sounded interesting. Then, when I started reading, I wondered if I really wanted to read it. Soon, however, I realized it would be a good one.

Terry Wardle was born to a family living and working in the coalfields of southern Pennsylvania. His father worked in the mines; his mother took care of the house. His grandparents and extended family, as well as his parents, were a mess! This is what made me wonder what I was getting into, as I read many references to his grandfather’s infidelity to his wife, the guns, the emotional abuse suffered by all the members of the family as those older dished it out to the younger ones…. Terry’s young life was full of trauma. Where would he end up?

After becoming a Christian, Terry’s traumatic past still had an enormous hold on him. It took many years of walking with God, some time in a psychiatric hospital, and much submitting to God before he was able to find victory. Time after time, he would think he was getting to where he wanted to be—and then the bottom would fall out from under him again!

I found this book inspiring. It’s hard to believe that anyone would have to live through the kind of abuse and trauma that Terry suffered as a child and young man, but it’s wonderful to know that God can take a person as broken as he was and turn him into someone useful for Himself. I appreciated the way he described the abuse he lived through; he told enough that I knew where he was coming from but not so much that I felt dirty from reading it. One passage that stood out to me was where he was being attacked unjustly, later in life, for things he hadn’t done—and God told him not to resist, but to follow Jesus’ example when He was on trial just before His crucifixion.

I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley, and these are my honest thoughts about it.

WARNING: In the first part of the book, Terry lives through physical and verbal abuse, and knows about sexual abuse happening around him.

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Terry Wardle, Abuse, Autobiography, Christian Non-fiction, Christian Living

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