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Table Talk

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Table Talk by Mimi Wilson and Mary Beth LagerborgTitle: Table Talk
Author: Mimi Wilson and Mary Beth Lagerborg
Major Themes: Cooking, Family Life, Mealtimes, Recipes
Synopsis: Does your family need help making mealtimes more meaningful and a time of drawing together?

How important is it, anyway, for a family to sit down together to eat a meal? As long as everyone gets enough to eat, that’s all that matters, right? Not in my opinion! I grew up with regular family mealtimes (we ate together three meals a day, since my dad was a dairy farmer), and ever since we were married we have eaten together as much as possible. Today, the children and I eat lunch together, and the whole family is together for dinner, although breakfast is each-for-his-own at the moment on days when Daddy is working. We have found mealtimes together to be great times for discussing plans, sharing our days with each other, and simply enjoying being together.

Mimi Wilson and Mary Beth Lagerborg explore the subject of family mealtimes in this book, Table Talk. Their first book, Once-A-Month Cooking, helped mothers learn how to prepare meals and freeze them to streamline cooking dinner; this book talks about the importance of eating dinner together at least three or four times a week. They explore benefits to the family from sitting down together around food, and describe the enrichment you can experience by inviting other people to share a meal with your family. The recipes scattered throughout the book will give you fresh ideas for easy meals, and there are many suggestions for topics of conversation if you’re having a hard time knowing what to talk about.

This is a wonderful resource for any family who wants to pull together and become stronger. I appreciated the reminder to make mealtimes building times, building family unity and strengthening the ties that bind the family together.

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Cooking, Family Life, Mealtimes, Recipes

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