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The Destiny of a Galaxy

post written by Esther Filbrun

The Destiny of a Galaxy by Sarah HolmanTitle: The Destiny of a Galaxy
Sarah Holman
Series: Destiny Trilogy
Major Themes:
Science Fiction
The galaxy is still in the hands of tyrants—is there any hope that freedom can be brought to suffering people?

Having read the first two books in the Destiny trilogy, The Destiny of One and The Destiny of a Few, I was eager to read the final installment—The Destiny of a Galaxy! I’ve enjoyed many of Sarah Holman’s books—appreciating the touch of faith she inserts in each one along with providing an appealing story. Although some of her books don’t feel as rich as other people’s books, each one has  a particular charm to them that make them worthwhile reading. Before her books, I had rarely read science fiction, so that in itself gave it more appeal to me.

After successfully completing both missions in the past, giving the universe a hope for a new future, Maria Morris’ life now feels stagnant. It’s almost as if she’s done her contribution to the world, and now they’ve forgotten her. Nothing could be further from the truth, though, as she soon discovers. The galaxy is preparing for war—the war that could cost many their lives, but hopefully bring peace to the many struggling people. In an effort to protect her, she’s been left out of some important decisions, but soon she’s back in the thick of it with more determination than ever to help things go right. However, the Universal Security Force haven’t forgotten her. They also haven’t played their last cards yet. With the clock ticking and more work to do than the brave fighters have ever faced before, will they be able to pull off their scheme? What happens when Maria and her good friend Winter are betrayed and find themselves at the mercy—or lack thereof—of the Security Force?

The Destiny of a Galaxy is an exciting story, one that few who enjoy adventure novels will want to miss out on. I did find it a bit disappointing in the fact that the “faith” aspect wasn’t very strong in here—it’s more of just a story. Despite that fact, though, I highly recommend the book. It’s mostly clean, and has an overarching theme of justice prevailing over cruelty.

One thing I didn’t appreciate so much was the fact that fighting for the right is endorsed as a Christian thing to do. I believe that when the Bible says you shouldn’t kill, that means you shouldn’t kill…whatever the circumstances, so in that part I would disagree with the message portrayed in this story.

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