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The Grace Card (M)

post written by Esther Filbrun

The Grace CardTitle: The Grace Card (M)
Calvary Pictures
Major Themes: Forgiveness
Can Mac and Sam, fellow police officers, see beyond their differences and personal struggles and learn to work together?

The Grace Card—a movie that tugs at your heart until you think you can’t stand it anymore, then shows you the true joy of redemption and forgiveness. Mom and I first watched this movie one Sunday afternoon when I had to stay home sick. Both of us agreed then that it was a good one, and although the years have passed since then I still appreciate the message and reminder it brings to me each time I see it.

Mac McDonald hasn’t had an easy life. When his eldest son was killed in an accident at a young age, he struggled with anger and bitterness for years. With his marriage severely struggling, his one remaining son becoming more distant by the day, and the promotion he’s worked for never seeming to arrive, Mac struggles to keep from lashing out at those he loves. Meanwhile, Sam Wright, a fellow policeman, father, and pastor of a black church, is struggling to find his place in a world that seems to be all out against him. When the two are put together as patrol partners, can they learn to work together and appreciate each other? Or do their personal struggles and prejudices run too deep to find reconciliation and healing?

While a simple story in some ways, The Grace Card is beautiful in many aspects. While primarily a police movie, the threads of family life—and predominantly forgiveness when that is the last alternative you’d want to consider—make this movie a masterpiece.

The only thing I didn’t enjoy so much about the story was, oddly enough, the “grace” factor. This seems to be a movement among some church circles these days, and while it is good in many ways, I think we can tend to focus on “grace” too much—and in doing so ignore the fact that we are called to a holy life as well. I don’t think this movie crossed the border between slathering on grace and ignoring sin, but it is something we need to watch out for.

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