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The Missing Invitation by Tina Fehr

The Missing Invitation

post written by Emma Filbrun
The Missing Invitation by Tina Fehr

Title: The Missing Invitation
Author: Tina Fehr
Series: The Fehr Family Series Book 3
Major Themes: Canada, Friends, Family Read-Alouds, Christian Fiction, Books for Girls
Synopsis: Megan is doing her best to make a new girl feel welcome, but don’t the other girls like her anymore?

My now-10-year-old son saw More Trouble Than Trouble Creek in a book catalog a few years ago, and wanted me to get it for him, because he was intrigued by the title. Since then, he has wanted to read the other books in the series, and was delighted when I bought The Missing Invitation for him a few months ago. We just read it, at his request; I’m not sure what he thinks of it now! It turned out to be a girl-centered story.

Megan is very happy to have a new friend when Monica and her family move to the area from Mexico. She does all that she can to make her new friend feel at home in their church and school in Canada. The other girls don’t seem to want to be with her as much, though, and Megan can’t understand what is happening. They must not like her anymore.

A missionary family serving in Tanzania spends a few days with Megan’s family. Megan and her brothers and sister enjoy learning about Africa and being a missionary, and then they get to help Sister Trudy prepare to go to Tanzania as well. While the missionary family are there, the children find oranges in the snow along their driveway—how did they get there? We enjoyed the stories the children made up with their speculations.

The Missing Invitation is a lovely glimpse into a Christian family’s life. Megan’s mother and father help their children to live the way God wants them to, and Megan learns many lessons about being a friend. This would be a good story for any young girl to read, and boys will enjoy parts of it, as well.

No warnings!

Age levels:

Read Aloud—Ages 5 – 8, Family Read Alouds
Reading Independently—Ages 7 – 9, 8 – 12

Links to buy this book:

Amazon: Paperback
Other Places: Christian Light Publications—Paperback  |  Milestone Books—Paperback  |  TGS International—Paperback

Keywords: Canada, Friends, Family Read-Alouds, Christian Fiction, Books for Girls

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