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The Stolen Years by Gloria Repp

The Stolen Years

post written by Emma Filbrun

The Stolen Years by Gloria ReppTitle: The Stolen Years
Author: Gloria Repp
Major Themes: Airplanes, Flying, Insects, Mystery
Synopsis: David and Susan have to go stay with their grandfather, but when he doesn’t seem to like David, what can the boy do to bring peace and healing in the family?

The Stolen Years has been on our shelf for somewhere around 10-15 years, and only now has one of the boys asked me to read it aloud. They sure loved it when we got started, though! My impression of it, from reading it so many years ago, was that it is mediocre, and I’ll have to say that’s still my opinion. There is nothing objectionable in it, and the main theme is good, but it is also not outstanding. It’s a good book for boys who enjoy adventure and suspense!

After their aunt who had been caring for them in Boston died, David and his little sister Susan were sent to St. Louis to live with the grandfather they had never met. When they arrived there, both Grandfather and Aunt Jeanne turned away from David at first sight, but took Susan into their arms—what was wrong with him? Life was further complicated by Grandfather’s pet project, the restoration of a small plane (David’s mother was killed when a small plane the family was in crashed, and he had a phobia of small planes.)

Later, David learns why his grandfather can’t stand him. It has something to do with some stolen pistols—but will David be able to find them in time for him and Susan to be allowed to stay in St. Louis, with the people he is learning to love? Will his grandfather ever forgive David’s father, so they can be a family? And will the theft at the airport the day David and Susan landed ever be resolved? Besides those problems, David must figure out how to deal with new acquaintances who do drugs and steal to finance their bad habit.

The Stolen Years is a good book for boys who need something interesting to catch their attention. All of my boys really enjoyed it, and now that they have discovered it I have a feeling they will be picking it up again.

WARNING: There are a couple of boys in the story, interacting with David, who are using drugs and stealing; this is a peripheral part of the story.

Age Levels:

Read Aloud—Ages 8 – 12
Reading Independently—Ages 8 – 12, 10 – 12, 12 – 15


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Airplanes, Flying, Insects, Mystery

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