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The Thanksgiving Story by Alice Dalgliesh

The Thanksgiving Story

post written by Emma Filbrun

The Thanksgiving Story by Alice DalglieshTitle: The Thanksgiving Story
Author: Alice Dalgliesh
Major Themes: Colonial America, Massachusetts, Mayflower, Pilgrims, Plymouth
Synopsis: The three Hopkins children have adventures as they go with their family on the Mayflower to a new home.

One book we always have to read when we’re learning about Colonial America is The Thanksgiving Story! This lovely, simple story tells about the trip across the Atlantic Ocean in the Mayflower and the first year in the New World through the eyes of the three young Hopkins children. It starts with loading the ship for the voyage, and ends with the first Thanksgiving.

Giles, Constance and Damaris enjoyed some things about their trip on the ship. They were certainly happy when a new baby joined the family! There were other things they enjoyed, too, especially getting off the ship when they reached their new home. That first winter, however, was very hard and sad. The children were happy when spring came, and very happy to move into their family’s own home finally.

There are five short chapters in this book. That will help to break it up for new readers, who should be able to read the simple text easily. The pictures help tell the story; they, too, are simple and remind me of early American folk art. While not detailed like photographs, they get the point across and are quite attractive.

I really like this book, and am glad that we study American history occasionally so that I remember to read it to my little people!

No warnings!

Age Levels:

Read Aloud—Ages 3 – 4, 5 – 8
Reading Independently—Ages 7 – 9


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Colonial America, Massachusetts, Mayflower, Pilgrims, Plymouth

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