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They Slay Me

post written by Emma Filbrun

Title: They Slay Me
Author: Holland C. Kirbo
Major Themes: Motherhood, Triplets, Babies, Children, Autobiography, Books for Women
Synopsis: A mother shares about life with triplets in this fun collection of stories of her children.

As a mother, I always enjoy reading the stories of other mothers, so when I saw They Slay Me and read that it was about raising triplets, I was immediately intrigued and requested the book. It didn’t end up being quite what I had envisioned, but I enjoyed it all the same. The subtitle does well at expressing a lot of what motherhood involves: Keeping a straight face with the world’s loosest cannons.

Holland Kirbo and her husband struggled with infertility for several years, and were finally able to become parents—to three babies at once! In this book, she shares anecdotes about her children, and some of the lessons she has learned from being their mother. There are many cute stories from when they started learning to talk, and a lot of tales of things they got themselves into. Of course, any mother will have these stories—but a mother of multiples will have more of them than most mothers! The way the children could communicate even before they could talk, and organize themselves to accomplish a goal, was really fun to read about.

I especially enjoyed the chapter about the differences in character between the three children. I was talking to a friend today, and mentioned how interesting it is to see the differences in character between my children—Holland discusses this, too. Her analytical son sounds a lot like one of mine! She did a great job of answering his questions and deflecting some of the more difficult ones.

Overall, I really enjoyed They Slay Me; the one thing I struggled with most was the frequent use of words that we don’t allow in our house. I would recommend this book for any mother who likes to hear stories from other mothers which tell her she’s not alone! It’s also good for anyone who simply enjoys children and the funny and unbelievable things that little ones come up with.

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher, through BookCrash, and these are my honest thoughts about it.

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