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Thy Kingdom Comics

post written by Esther Filbrun

Thy Kingdom Comics by Adam4dTitle: Thy Kingdom Comics
Major Themes: Comics, Encouragement
Filled with many different comics about topics relating to the faith, Adam4d’s new book will both encourage and inspire you in your walk with the Lord.

When I was probably eight or nine, I remember stumbling across a newspaper in our basement one time that had comic strips in it. I immediately sat down to read, intrigued by the layout and the mini-stories represented by a little text and some humorous pictures. From then on, I remember always being excited whenever a new newspaper would come our way. It wasn’t often; it was always used as fire starter, and that wasn’t needed all too often. But whenever it did arrive, I always made sure to read it since I enjoyed the stories. Now, years later, I still love comics. I haven’t seen a newspaper comic in years, but I’ve always enjoyed my grandma’s Charley Brown book, and often when I visit I take a little time to read it. As I’ve gotten older they’ve gained a lot more depth, which is fun, too!

Thy Kingdom Comics is very much along those lines of comics, as I suppose most things in that genre are—some are hilarious, some are profoundly meaningful, and all are intriguing. I’ve been reading Adam4d’s blog for some years now, so when I saw he was putting together a compilation of some of his best ones, I decided I wanted a copy of them that wasn’t digital. I haven’t been disappointed. I love being able to pick up the book and just read one quick one (or three, or four, depending on my level of tiredness) just before bedtime. This isn’t only a book to read to yourself, though—I’ve often shared funny tidbits with my brother or Mom, and Grandma pulled it out several times while she was visiting to share something as well. It’s definitely one that appeals to a range of ages!

The topics covered in this book can be quite controversial (abortion is wrong. what is tolerance? homosexuality is wrong.), etc. Although I don’t agree with everything in this book, there is a lot I have and can appreciate. I really enjoy the perspective he has on things, especially in regards to interpreting scripture (the locust tale is one you can’t miss!) and what the early Christians meant when they wrote what they did.

Overall, Thy Kingdom Comics is both an encouragement and a challenge to your spiritual walk, no matter where you are. I loved it, and can’t wait for another one to come out. It’s definitely worth every penny you spend. The only thing I’d like is if I could get a better-bound version, so that it lasts longer! As it is now, I feel sure my copy will get a lot of care over the next few years.

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