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Tied With Heartstrings

post written by Emma Filbrun

Tied With Heartstrings, compiled by Marian D Reinford and Emily D. MartinTitle: Tied With Heartstrings
Author: compiled by Marian D Reinford and Emily D. Martin
Major Themes: Adoption, Foster Care, Family Life, Christianity
Synopsis: 120 short meditations and stories about adoption and fostering, written mostly by the adoptive mothers but also by the fathers or siblings, and in a few cases by the adoptee themselves.

If you are interested in adoption or foster care, Tied With Heartstrings is a must-read. These 120 short chapters were written mostly by adoptive mothers, about their experiences with the children they have taken in. Many stories are about successful adoptions that have brought much joy to the family; a few tell of heartbreak when the family was not able to help a very troubled child. All the stories radiate the love of Christ toward those children who desperately need a loving home and family. A few stories are written by the adoptive father, or a sibling, and a few are even by adoptees themselves. The contributors are all conservative Mennonites.

Tied With Heartstrings could be read as a daily devotional; each chapter has a Scripture verse at the beginning, and closes with a thought for the day. I appreciated the transparency of each of the writers as they told their stories; this was quite an inspiring read. I, personally have never felt called to adopt or foster; God has given us eight children of our own. However, I greatly admire anyone who does it. This book helps me to understand more the struggles faced by families who adopt or foster.

WARNING: Not a book for children; various forms of abuse are mentioned at times.

Age Levels:

Reading Independently— Adults


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Keywords: Adoption, Foster Care, Family Life

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