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’Tis so Sweet by Faith Blum

’Tis so Sweet

post written by Esther Filbrun

’Tis so Sweet by Faith BlumTitle: ’Tis so Sweet
Author: Faith Blum
Series: Orphans of the West Novella, book 1
Major Themes: Historical Fiction
Synopsis: With a rebellious brother who is determined to get into trouble, can Eleanor and her father keep their hope where it should be—in Jesus?

Faith is such a difficult thing to learn sometimes! And as delightful verses like “trust in the Lord with all your heart” are, it’s hard to walk them out consistently. ’Tis so Sweet addresses this very topic, as a recent addition to the Orphans of the West Novella series. Although I read the book well over three months ago now, it’s still one of those stories that sticks with you…I enjoyed it!

Eleanor and her father have a problem. With every passing year, her brother, Grover, becomes more rebellious and distant. Is there any chance he will mend his ways before it’s too late? Soon, they find out a local town girl is pregnant with his child—and he leaves without a trace. Can they trust the Lord to continue to draw him to Himself, even though they have no idea what Grover is up to now?

’Tis so Sweet was somewhat of a hard one for me to read, not because it was a hard book in general, but because the life lessons and the characters in it were very similar to things in my own life. I have a hard time trusting Jesus sometimes—when life is going well, it’s not that difficult, but if a storm blows across my path, watch out! In all, though, this book was a great reminder that we do have a strong anchor in Jesus, and no matter WHAT may come, He is there to guide and be with us. A great addition to the series!

I requested a review copy of this book, and this is my honest opinion of it.

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