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Trial and Error by Robert Whitlow

Trial and Error

post written by Emma Filbrun
Trial and Error by Robert Whitlow

Title: Trial and Error
Author: Robert Whitlow
Major Themes: Legal Thriller, Lawyer, Georgia, Softball, Human Trafficking
Synopsis: Buddy has been searching for his daughter for 18 years, and now he finds himself helping to search for two other children, as well.

I have never read a legal thriller, and to tell the truth, this genre didn’t really interest me. However, when I saw that more reviewers were needed for Trial and Error, and noticed that the author had also written a book that my daughter really enjoyed, I decided to try it out. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this book!

Buddy hasn’t seen his daughter Elise since she was a few days old. The baby’s mother, Amber, simply disappeared, and though he searched for 18 years, Buddy couldn’t find her. Now, another girl, Reagan, has disappeared from the town, and Buddy is determined to find her—as well as a little boy whose father took off with him without the mother’s permission. How many of the three children will Buddy be able to find? Can he keep up the search and still complete all the duties he must, as a lawyer? What will he do about his attraction to the new detective? And then, he finds some mysterious canceled checks in a box in his mother’s basement—how do they fit into the mystery?

Gracie Blaylock loves her job as Clerk of the Court, and she is good at it. She also loves coaching the girls’ softball team. However, she is worried about Reagan, who suddenly dropped out of the team. She is praying fervently for Reagan’s safety and return home—and also for Jackie, the missing little boy. When Buddy’s search for Elise shows up in her prayer calendar, she mentions to the lawyer that she prayed for him—and he tells her about the new clues that have just surfaced. Suddenly, Gracie finds herself involved in the search for the missing girls.

I found myself quite engrossed in Trial and Error. The story of the searches for the missing children, Buddy’s personal quest for meaning in his life, Gracie’s prayer life and her half-hearted search for a soul-mate to share life with (pushed on by her sister who was sure that Gracie needed to sign up on an online dating site), and Mayleah’s dilemma about her ex-husband who wanted to make things right between them all made for a wonderfully-complicated plot. I liked it a lot! If you enjoy mild thrillers, without too much heart-stopping action, like I do, this might be a good choice for you. I appreciated that, although there was a small element of romance, there was never any kissing or even hand-holding. That’s my kind of romance!

I received a free copy of this book from the author, and these are my honest thoughts about it.

WARNING: Prostitution and drug abuse are alluded to, and sex trafficking is mentioned.

Age levels:

Reading Independently—Ages 15 and Above, Adults

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Keywords: Legal Thriller, Lawyer, Georgia, Softball, Trafficking, Christian Fiction, Suspense/Thrillers Fiction, US History 21st Century, Books for Women, Books for Men

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