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Understanding the Times

post written by Emma Filbrun

Understanding the Times, by Ken HamTitle: Understanding the Times
Author: Ken Ham
Major Themes: Theology, Creation
The founder of the Creation Museum considers twelve passages of Scripture that sum up the dependence of biblical truth on a firm foundation.

I don’t very often read theological books, but Understanding the Times was very interesting. Ken Ham has spent his life working to educate people about the truth of the Bible—the whole Bible, from Genesis 1 to the end. He especially focuses on Genesis 1-11, since so many people discount those chapters as myths. What happens, however, when you start saying that part of the Bible isn’t literally true? Can you trust the rest of the Bible?

In this short ebook, Ken discusses 12 passages of Scripture, one per chapter, and how they show the need for us to return to a Biblical understanding of Creation and the truth of the Bible—every word of it. He is clear and concise in his discussion; Understanding the Times is an easy, but thought-provoking read.

No warnings!

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Reading Independently—Adults


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Keywords: Creation, Theology

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