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War Room (PG)

post written by Esther Filbrun

War RoomTitle: War Room (PG)
Sherwood Baptist Church
Major Themes: Prayer
With her marriage crumbling, can Elizabeth Jordan learn to wield the weapon of prayer before it is too late?

Sherwood Pictures has made the headlines several times as they release new movies, and War Room, which came out last year, certainly did the same. Of course, after hearing about something like this multiple times, you become interested and want to see it yourself, and just recently I was able to borrow a copy from a friend. Having enjoyed the previous four movies produced by the church, I expected this one to be along the same standard—and although I was a bit disappointed by the content, the overall message is one we need to hear.

Despite major struggles in her marriage and home life, Elizabeth Jordan does her best to keep up her professional appearance. Tony, her husband, immerses himself more in work, and their daughter Danielle floats between her two parents, not knowing where to fit in or even if they love her anymore. Things seem to be continually getting worse when Elizabeth meets a new client, Miss Clara. As she works to help her sell her house, Miss Clara encourages Elizabeth to begin praying for her family. Is there any hope the family can come together again? With Tony seeming to stray more and more, can there be redemption before it gets too late?

As far as an encouragement to pray instead of fight for yourself, War Room is an excellent movie. I found that theme to be very good. Some parts of the movie, though, didn’t quite resonate with me as much as I would have liked. I felt like some of the scenes wouldn’t necessarily have to be there in order for the story to reach its conclusion, parts of the plot didn’t feel very true-to-life, and several scenes felt more like “telling” than “showing”—which is odd, since it’s a movie! In all, I did enjoy the film, despite my gripes against portions of the story. Highly recommended as far as the prayer aspect—there are several excellent points brought up about that through the course of the story!

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