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Wedding Score

post written by Esther Filbrun

Title: Wedding Score
Author: Amanda Tero
Major Themes: Contentment, Singleness
Synopsis: Though she has played music for many weddings, Stephanie is still single. Can she find her rest and hope in the Lord?

I appreciate Ananda Tero’s books. She often shares a good amount of wisdom along with her stories. Wedding Score is my most recent read from her, and I really liked the thoughts in here. It was a different sort of book, but a goodie.

Stephanie has played wedding music for well over 150 weddings now. She has that down-pat! What she hasn’t done is walked the aisle herself. And who knows if she will even be able to one day? She would love to see that eventually happen, but can she trust God in the meantime? What if God has a different plan for her life? Can she trust that all will work out for the good—no matter what the outcome of her life is? Should she lay down her desire to have a husband? Can God’s presence be sufficient in a life that many others (and sometimes even she herself) would deem extremely lonely?

The questions raised in this book are ones that I imagine all young single women face and struggle with. Yet there is hope—not necessarily in God answering our specific prayer for marriage, but in Him drawing us closer to Himself through the struggle. One thing I did struggle with in this book was the fact that it almost didn’t seem like there was enough of the victory side of things presented. But…this is a hard, hard subject, one that each of us has to daily choose to die to—to give to the Lord—and victory often doesn’t come with flashing neon lights and a beautiful once-and-forever transformation. It’s a slow, gradual process, one that can often take years to accomplish. The important part is in keeping our eyes fixed on Jesus; without Him, there would be no reason for us to continue on in any area of life. We must find our fulfillment in Him, and that’s what this book is trying to share through the medium of story. Yes, it might not look pretty; yes, it might not have the scripted ending we would like, but if we let God glorify Himself through our lives, He will do so.

In all, I came away from this book feeling somewhat encouraged. I’m thankful to know that there are other girls out there like me who are struggling with the same things I am—and that they are trying to keep their focus on what’s important, too. I’m thankful to know that this calling of endurance—of living fully for Him in a position we wouldn’t have chosen for ourselves—is one that we don’t walk alone. If you’re a single girl looking for a bit of encouragement, I’d recommend Wedding Score. Though there were parts of the story that I felt like weren’t as strong as they could have been, it has a good message overall.

I requested a free review copy of this book, and this is my honest opinion of it.

WARNING: “Oh my goodness” is used in ch. 9.

Age Levels:

Reading Independently—Ages 15 and Above, Adults


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