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When Snowflakes Never Cease by Bridgeman, Terry, Havig, Weaver, Tru

When Snowflakes Never Cease

post written by Emma Filbrun
When Snowflakes Never Cease by Bridgeman, Terry, Havig, Weaver, Tru

Title: When Snowflakes Never Cease
Author: Hallee Bridgeman, Alana Terry, Chautona Havig, Jaycee Weaver, Amanda Tru
Series: CrossRoads Collection 6
Major Themes: Winter, Snow, Mystery, Romance, Books for Women
Synopsis: Five stories about people trapped in blizzards are interconnected.

I have been reading the Crossroads Collections ever since the first one was published a few years ago. I really enjoy reading the stories and seeing how they are interconnected. I enjoyed Where Snowflakes Never Cease just as much as the others. These five stories all have to do with severe winter storms.

Blizzard in the Bluegrass, by Hallee Bridgeman, features a single mother with an autistic son. When Gloria meets Jeff and they begin spending a lot of time together, she learns why he fears snowstorms. When they find themselves battling the blizzard of the century, can he overcome his fears and save both of them? This was an engaging story—but because Gloria was divorced, I didn’t really like the premise.

Buried Secrets, by Alana Terry, is quite a page-turner. This thriller finds Cosette flying to Alaska to meet in person a man she’s been learning to know online. When she is marooned in the airport in Anchorage due to a blizzard and meets a woman who warns her against that man, she finds herself not knowing who to trust. I actually lost sleep a couple of nights because I had been reading this book just before going to bed—I wouldn’t recommend doing that!

Wrong About Mr. Wright, by Chautona Havig, was a fun Christmas story—and had a lot to think about woven through it! Ronni arrived in Hank’s house kicking and screaming (figuratively), with a list of requirements that had ruled out all possible relationships with a man up to this time. As she and Hank were forced to spend several days together, however, she was forced to take a good hard look at her life and attitudes, now that she had given her life to the Lord. What she saw was not pretty—what would she do about it? This process of thinking things through is well worth reading—and the story as a whole is fun!

The fourth book in the collection is More Than Enough, by Jaycee Weaver. Once again, this was one that I didn’t enjoy much. Mainly, it was because both the man and the woman in this story are divorced, and I don’t believe that it’s right to remarry while the former partner is still living. This story is set in New Mexico, where a freak snowstorm traps the family in the theater.

The story that ties the entire collection together is titled When Snowflakes Never Cease, by Amanda Tru. Two doctors battle to save the life of a little girl with cancer, and to make her dying wish come true. While they are at it, can they work out the misunderstandings between themselves, from years ago?

What I enjoy most about these collections is seeing how each author comes up with such a different scenario with a given idea, and how the stories are all tied together at the end. These stories also all have the common thread of learning to trust God with everything. So, while I can’t wholeheartedly recommend all the books, I did enjoy some of them very much.

I received a free copy of this book from the authors, and these are my honest thoughts about it.

WARNING: In Bluegrass, chapter 7, there is a kiss. More Than Enough chapter 1—darn. Chapter 6—a kiss. Snowflakes chapters 9, 11, and 13—a kiss

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