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Where the Waters Run (G)

post written by Esther Filbrun

Where the Waters Run by Moody Science ClassicsTitle: Where the Waters Run (G)
Moody Science Classics
Major Themes: Science, Water
A fascinating discussion on water and how it influences almost every area of our lives, presented by Moody Science Institute.

When we watched Where the Waters Run recently at church, we loved it! I’ve enjoyed all the Moody Science Institute videos I’ve seen, and this one just added another to the list. With fascinating illustrations and language that isn’t always over your head, this made a great film for a good range of ages.

Water is an amazing substance. Without it, our planet would be much like the moon or Mars. Through this video, I felt myself become even more in awe at the way God designed it all to work so perfectly. There are so many fascinating tidbits to learn! Did you know that the water cycle uses more energy in a day than man has been able to produce in the whole history of the world? Or that without water’s curious tendency to expand when it freezes, we’d live on a ice-encrusted planet that would never thaw or allow things to survive?

Where the Waters Run is a great video! I really appreciated the Creation worldview presented through the film—it was taken as a fact that God made the world and the water cycle, which I found refreshing. I also appreciated the spiritual application at the end, where the teacher briefly discussed how God’s supply of Living Water is the only thing that makes the difference between spiritual life and death. Overall, this is a great family film (best understood by those 10 and over), and one that would be good to go along with any science course.

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Appropriate Ages:

Ages 10 – 12,  12 – 15, 15 and Above, Adults, Family Friendly


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