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Yielded Captive

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Yielded Captive, by Dalaina MayTitle: Yielded Captive
Author: Dalaina May
Major Themes: Romance, Missions
Synopsis: A young wife and mother is kidnapped by a Stone Age tribe in the Amazon jungle.

Yielded Captive is a thought-provoking novel. What if you, as a wife and mother, were captured by a Stone Age Amazonian tribe and forced to become the wife of the chief, who killed your husband? That’s the scenario presented in this story. Allison and her husband spent three years trying in vain to reach a tribe who had never had contact with modern civilization. A few of the gifts they offered had been taken, but nothing else was seen of the tribe. Until—one day when, without warning, warriors burst out of the jungle shooting arrows at the men, and Allison was grabbed and hauled off into the rain forest with her 13-month-old son!

For years, Allison lived with the tribe, learning to live the way they lived. When she started trying to minister to another woman in the village, she realized the reason she had been feeling distanced from God, and had to learn to forgive her captor. Meanwhile, her husband, who she thought was dead, was trying to rebuild his own life in Texas. Would they ever get back together?

You will be on the edge of your seat all the way through Yielded Captive, if you’re like me—but please don’t read it Sunday morning before you go to church, or you won’t be able to concentrate on the sermon very well! One part that challenged me was when Allison would be meditating on Scripture she had previously memorized. How would I fare if suddenly I had no Bible, and no other Christians around?

WARNING: Not for children—rape is referred to several times.

Age Levels:

Reading Independently—Ages 15 and Above, Adults


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